Presentation Tools

"Web 2.0 brings a whole new dimension to the old adage "show, don't tell"—and lets you share your presentations anytime, anywhere, with anyone you like. With Web 2.0 you can push the boundaries of traditional presentations, mix things up, and make learning more engaging than ever before."--retrieved from the Discovery Education website at

So then, what are some Web 2.0 tools that are great for creating and delivering presentations? At the website listed above, there are various tools described. Below are three, along with Prezi (described in detail) that you may want to investigate.


About Prezi (taken directly from the website)
"Prezi is a cloud-based [[#|presentation software]] that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. The result: visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery."

So, forget the site's testimonial. What is Prezi? It is a Web 2.0 presentation tool that allows the creator to upload [[#|documents]], insert video, and set "paths" for the information (a path is the order in which you present the informtion). Think Power Point on steroids!

Prezi Step-by-Step

Prezi Example: Educating Missy/Missy Educating