On this page, insert your Juxtapose JS example, along with your name, of Traditional ELA Classroom vs. Technology Embedded Classroom. Write a caption describing what is going on.


Traditional ELA classroom (student writing on whiteboards) vs. an ELA classroom that has embedded technology (students working on Smartboards).

Heather Nerren
Traditional ELA classroom (students writing an essay using pencil and paper) vs. a technology integrated ELA classroom (students writing an essay using laptops).Heather Nerren Juxtapose

Rachel Sparkmanhttps://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/juxtapose/latest/embed/index.html?uid=08ceba9c-c7f8-11e7-b263-0edaf8f81e27
Top: Traditional Teacher Driven Lecture (Teacher as Expert) vs Student Driven Reseach (Students become Experts)

Macy Nokes:Traditional Writing Workshop (students write using pencil and paper) vs Technology Integrated Writing Workshop (writing on tablets/ apps for grammar skills)

Amanda PowellTraditional paper-only approach, reading books to gain all information vs. Virtual reality, branching out to use technology as a tool to not replace but to enhance the learning already underway in the classroom