Course Overview

Most of us use technology daily. Perhaps the technology we use has become so standard in our lives that we no longer consider it technology. For example, the microwave, refrigerator, cell phone, and television are all examples of technology in use. We will spend this semester examining technology, (some standard, some not so standard), and exploring ways that it can be integrated in reading and language arts instruction. Primarily, we will:
  • Look at what it means to be a 21st century learner and teacher
  • Consider ways to use technology, specifically Web 2.0 tools, in instructional delivery
  • Create projects to be used as models for students
  • Showcase learning in an engaging manner
  • Learn, unlearn, and re-learn teaching strategies
  • Deepen literacy knowledge of the five strands of the English language arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing)
  • Challenge ourselves to be better educators and better learners
What does it mean to
be a 21st century
What is Web 2.0?


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